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Film.UA Group, Ukraine’s leading production company, is opposing what it calls Russian President Vladimir Putin’s propaganda by granting TV broadcasters and streamers around the world the rights to show Heritagea documentary series celebrating the culture, traditions and folk customs of Ukraine.

On Sunday, the Film.UA group uploaded a link to the series, along with a letter granting any broadcaster or platform the right to stream the series “for free”. Each of the 26 episodes of Heritage focuses on a specific region of Ukraine, exploring its unique cultural history.

The move comes in response to Putin’s false claims on Monday, ahead of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine last week, that the Eastern European nation is not and never has been a real country. Putin argued that Ukraine was created by the Soviet Union under its first leader, Vladimir Lenin, despite overwhelming evidence of Ukrainian culture and history that predated the Soviet Union. Putin instead asserted that Ukraine was part of Russia’s historical territory. “For us, Ukraine is not just a neighboring country. It is an integral part of our own history, culture, spiritual space,” he said, in what is apparently an attempt to provide historical justification for the invasion of a sovereign state.

“We oppose Putin’s propaganda, which denies Ukraine’s right to exist, erases our history, appropriates our achievements in culture, art, literature and fills the ‘international fake information space about the artificial origins of the Ukrainian people,’ Film.UA said in a statement. “Our history is not only ancient but also continuous and endless! It’s traumatic, enduring, but so invincible and voluntary! We rebuild it day after day: in our daily life, in our culture and in our very existence.

Ukrainian media companies have banded together to support the country’s government following the Russian invasion. On Saturday, major Ukrainian news groups 1+1 media, StarLightMedia, Media Group Ukraine and Inter Media Group pooled their resources to jointly broadcast a single 24/7 newscast called United News , spreading information about the conflict in different parts of the country. The group said TV providers around the world could carry the United News signal, which is broadcast via satellite on: Astra 4A at 4.8°E, transponder 12130 (B22), vertical polarization, frequency 27500, FEC ¾ . The group also called on countries around the world to turn off or block Russian TV channels and news feeds to prevent the spread of “poisonous Russian propaganda” about the war.


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