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Pichitphong Choeichiw, a former Thai League midfielder, came out to post on the Facebook section after Phrae United announced the end of his role as Thai League 2 manager

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Pichitphong Choeichiu became a former manager of Phrae United, a Thai League 2 battle team already after February 14, the club announced their separation. and appoints new coach “Coach Dat” Thongchai on the rise Former head coach of the Thai national team, aged under 16, took over

However, Pichitphong released a personal Facebook account after being fired. with the main idea that in the past I was asked if the player was good, but why is this work done? So I want to ask back, who are the good players who came here because of the second leg for which they chose their own players to enter the team?

The results of 6 games are divided into 2 home games and 4 games, Phrae won 2, drew 3, lost 1 and never said he was good. They respect the decisions of the club’s management. However, the club must continue. with the conclusion that “I’ll tell you a story soon.”

cool sparrow (I’m a real sparrow but never said I was cool)
People who know know, people who don’t know, keep talking. (Oh, I’ll tell you a story soon.)
I’m no match for this inexperienced guy (yes, I’m not arguing).
can be a good player But you can’t be a good coach. There is no medicine (I Luk 2 and Ai Salad said there is no medicine)
The players are good, but the results are just that. (Who are the good players here for? The result is just this, the second leg, which is the team I really chose, 6 games, 4 away, 2 at home, 2 wins, 3 draws, 1 loss)
Finally, I respect the decision of the club management. To all my footballers, I would like to say that me and all the staff have not left everyone. because he has not resigned It is a pity for more than 4 months that we have been working together. Until the day we come together until the day we win Encore, the club must go on. fight everyone
(I’ll tell you a story soon.)

For Phrae United at the start of the season did a great job. Seized the top five until week 13, after which the results gradually fell to 8th place after playing 23 games.


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