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Chandigarh: Launching a counterattack, Punjab Congress Speaker Amarinder Singh Raja Warring condemned Sunil Jakhar’s “ungrateful and unwarranted” outburst against the party and its leadership. “It is sad, wrong, ugly and outrageous of Jakhar sahab to go public with such outlandish and unsubstantiated allegations against the party that gave him and his family so much,” Warring said in a statement. communicated from Udaipur.
The PPCC chairman said that instead of launching such a ‘vituperative’ attack on the party and leadership, especially when the entire leadership gathered for a three-day brainstorming session in Udaipur , Jakhar should have reflected on himself and the reasons for the situation. “The Congress party is too big, too big and too magnanimous and no one knows it better than Jakhar sahab: that when he lost parliament and vidhan sabha’s polls he was sent from Gurdaspur in an election partial and elected to the Lok Sabha and also made the CCP chairman,” he said.
He added that just because he was not appointed chief minister, Jakhar launched a suicidal attack against the same party that gave so much to him and his family.
Warring asked Jakhar if it was not true that his statements had upset and alienated a large part of the voters, which cost the party dearly not only in Punjab, but also in Uttar Pradesh and Uttarakhand.

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