Interfaith panel to ‘counter misinformation’, says Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi

An interfaith committee to “counter misinformation among Muslims” will soon be set up, said Union Minority Affairs Minister Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi. He wants to “curb the nefarious elements that try to incite the Muslim community”.

The ministry has scheduled a series of interfaith meetings across all states to address Muslims’ concerns, build their confidence and urge them to stay away from “people who mislead them”, Naqvi told ET. “We will have the most reputable people in both communities, especially those who can talk to Muslims and deter them from exploitation,” he said. During the debate on the Citizenship Amendment Act and after the Ram Temple verdict, the ministry had organized cross-community meetings involving Muslim bodies, scholars and others.

The minister alleged that the hijab controversy was created to block the education of Muslim girls. “Our ministry records show that over 60% of minority scholarship enrollment is from girls. The dropout rate has gone down significantly. Some people don’t want them to study that’s why they are creating this. ”

He said: “The community, especially the women protesting, has been emotionally exploited. Look around us; there are women in hijabs in the markets, in the streets, everywhere. But when it comes to an educational institution, there is a need for uniformity and so a code is followed. There is no hijab ban in India, unlike some countries where it is also banned in public places. Some people try to create the impression that hijab is not allowed in India, which is definitely not the truth. asking for constitutional rights, it is also important to think about constitutional duties. The case is before the court. Let the court decide.


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