US and French defense companies develop advanced gun turret to counter drone swarms


“Designed to protect platforms against low-level aerial threats, including drones, RAPIDFire is one of the only air defense systems capable of autonomously and automatically acquiring, identifying and destroying a threat using target designation data provided by a battle management system,” the press release said.

“With a ready rack of 140 rounds, corresponding to approximately 30 interceptions, the system provides effective firepower against drones and drone swarms, avoiding surface-to-air missile attrition in the event of an overrun attack.”

A gun turret is a self-contained, rotatable structure in which weapons are mounted, especially in tanks and warships.

Nexter Systems is a French government-owned arms manufacturer, based in Roanne, Loire.

While Thales Defense & Security, Inc., a subsidiary of the Thales Group, is a leading manufacturer of tactical communications equipment, the AN/PRC-148 MBITR and JEM are currently deployed with the US military and NATO forces around the world.

Advanced RAPIDFire turret

RAPIDFire autonomous gun turret.

Due to the coupling between the fire control system and the turret, and ultimately through the use of anti-air blast (A3B) munitions, APIDFire is extremely accurate and “can defeat threats without risk of collateral damage”, claims the society.

The technological “powerhouse” with a compact and modern architecture accommodates the 40mm CTA cannon, ammunition and sighting system to autonomously ensure high interception accuracy while maintaining a non-penetrating turret design.

Its 40mm CTA cannon is compatible with the full range of CTAI 40mm telescopic ammunition, including the future Anti Aerial Airburst (A3B) cartridge against airborne targets.


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