U.S. Representative Gallagher: Gallagher and Stefanik Introduce Bill to Counter Foreign Telecommunications Influence


WASHINGTON DC – Representatives Mike Gallagher (R-WI) and Elise Stefanik (R-NY) today presented the Foreign Adversary Communications Transparency Act (FACT) to counter the influence of China and other foreign adversaries on the United States’ telecommunications infrastructure.

Specifically, this bill would provide critical telecommunications transparency by requiring the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to publish a list of companies that hold FCC clearances, licenses, or other authorizations with more than 10% or more of ownership by antagonistic foreign governments, including China. , Russia, Iran or North Korea.

“Despite the threat posed by telecommunications companies run by the Chinese Communist Party, many are still allowed to operate in the United States. Worse, while rogue actors like Huawei and ZTE have come under public scrutiny, other CCP-led actors are currently flying under the radar. The Foreign Adversary Communications Transparency Act will strengthen our national security by providing much-needed transparency and pave the way for further action against listed entities in the near future,” Gallagher said.

“I work to shed light on the harmful influence of the Chinese Communist Party and our other foreign adversaries,” he added. says Stefanik. “Allowing Chinese-owned companies and our other foreign adversaries access to our critical infrastructure is playing with fire, and we must be transparent about the influence they can have on life. American citizens.”

“I applaud Congresswoman Stefanik’s strong leadership and thoughtful work to counter the evil influence of the Chinese Communist Party and other authoritarian state actors. Her FACT Act would strengthen America’s national security. And I encourage Congress to take action. quickly by adopting this common-sense legislation”, FCC Commissioner Brendan Carr said.It is essential that we provide full and transparent accounting of every entity with ties to the CCP – and the governments of other authoritarian regimes – that operate in the U.S. technology and telecommunications markets, but there is never had of public disclosure with regard to these networks of relations. This only makes it more difficult for the public and private sector to assess the likelihood that these connections could be exploited to harm US national security interests. We know that the CCP is engaged in a widespread and coordinated campaign to surveil Americans, and they are prepared to use every tool at their disposal to further their nefarious goals – indeed, one of the ways in which the CCP fact is to develop and exploit relationships within the interests of technology and telecommunications. Publishing a list of all entities with FCC authorizations that have covered relationships with authoritarian regimes would help the FCC carry out its mission of promoting the US national security interest. I am therefore grateful to the efforts of MP Stefanik to increase transparency in this area.


This week, two Chinese were in charge of attempting to obstruct criminal proceedings against a Chinese-based telecommunications company.

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