Tight counter space? This Genius stove cover doubles as a workspace.


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Usable counter space in the kitchen is in short supply. If you know, you know. There never seems to be enough space to chop, prep and serve. For very tight spaces, even these space-saving hacks can’t cut it. What are our options?

There are a few choices available to get more counter space. If you are a handyman, you can build additional counters. If you have enough space in your kitchen, a kitchen cart Where buffet can add the necessary workspace.

But if you’re already running out of space or don’t want to get the tools out, these options may not meet your needs. Luckily, we came across a product that can transform any kitchen, even a super small kitchen – much more functional.

Influencer Julianna Claire shared an “Amazon Kitchen Hack To Know About” post on her Instagram. In the video, she said, “you can use it as a trivet, serving station, and cutting board.” Claire then demonstrated the functionality of this multifunctional kitchen solution, which can slide over a sink or stovetop to instantly create more workspace.

While there are admittedly plenty of dodgy “hacking” videos out there, this one was helpful. The simple yet beautiful wooden board is an easy addition to any kitchen. Need more space for chopping and preparing meals? Do! Hosting a dinner party and need more space to serve? Easy! Want to cover a stove to prevent accidents when not in use? Here is!

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Although not the exact product featured in Claire’s video, the Prosumer’s Cooker Lid Cutting Board is the perfect solution to your limited space dilemma. The ingenious tool adds a spacious 29.5 x 21 inch workspace – those who work in cramped kitchens know that kind of space is invaluable.

In addition, the large dimensions fit most conventional cookers. It also has adjustable feet that adapt to your stovetop while still looking stylish, thanks to its sleek bamboo finish. The material is lightweight, moisture wicking and sustainably sourced. Plus, the built-in juice groove makes cleaning easy.

A happy Amazon customer loved the beautiful functional piece from Prosumer. “Wow!! This thing far exceeded my expectations. I’ve chopped on it, baked using a griddle on it, served happy hour appetizers on it, kneaded dough on it. It’s been through a lot and keeps it looking great Easy to clean/wipe down and feels very solid and sturdy We oiled it, per the instructions and it took it very well When guests come to see it they always comment on how great it is it’s nice.

Now that we’ve solved our countertop dilemma, what’s next? Check out more kitchen and home hacks below.

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