“The Uncanny Counter” Season 2: Kang Ki-young would have joined the cast


The hit fantasy K-drama, The strange meter, was confirmed to develop a second season due to its success. As fans await official news of her returning main cast, Kim Se-jeong is reportedly in talks to reprise her role as Do Ha-na. But fans are getting another update on The strange meter Season 2 as Extraordinary Prosecutor Woo actor Kang Ki-young is expected to join the cast.

Kang Ki-young in ‘Extraordinary Attorney Woo’ | through Netflix

Kang Ki-young Is In Talks To Join “The Uncanny Counter” Season 2

Details about the new season are scarce and are being kept under wraps. After the success of the first season, according to Soompi, OCN announced that they are developing the K-drama in multiple seasons. Later in 2021, OCN confirmed a second season. Since then, the lead cast have shared their hopes of returning to their original roles.

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OCN has yet to announce an official cast list. According to reports, actor Kang Ki-young is in talks to join The strange meter Season 2. According to a Naver article, “Kang Ki-young is positively considering appearing in Season 2 of Wonderful Rumors.”

There are no further details from Kang’s agency or other media on what type of character he will play or the ability of his role. For now, fans will have to wait even longer for a big update from OCN or the original cast. Ever since 2020’s K-drama, the main cast has been busy appearing in new works.

Season 2 of ‘The Uncanny Counter’ will explore counters from other parts of the world

Before becoming a K-drama, The strange meter was originally a popular webtoon. The drama’s script closely followed the illustrated story and its characters almost seamlessly. But unlike the webtoon, the K-drama ended on a high without any details. The original webtoon ends on a cliffhanger and is well into its second season.

Kang’s membership news article The strange meter Season 2 reveals a small preview of what fans can expect. “This season, Korean counters are expected to work in cooperation with foreign counters,” the article explained.

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In the K-drama, the storyline confirms the existence of other counters outside of Korea that function similarly to the main characters. Using outside counters could expand the K-drama universe and add more drama.

Kang Ki-young rose to worldwide fame thanks to “Extraordinary Attorney Woo”

With Kang rumored to be joining The strange meter Season 2, fans can’t wait to see her new role after her success in her previous K-drama. The actor played the role of Jung Myung-seok, a senior attorney at Hanbada Law Firm in Extraordinary Prosecutor Woo. Fans fell in love with Kang’s portrayal of the character as he treats Woo Young-woo (Park Eun-bin), who is on the autism spectrum, like any other lawyer seeking justice.

The character was often a voice of reason as some of the main characters dealt with the moral dilemmas of their cases. The K-drama ranked first on Netflix’s Top 10 in the non-English category thanks to Kang and the cast. Outside of drama, Kang rose to fame as a supporting actor. He appeared in What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim and sports romance Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-joo.

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