The Fight Against the Jordan Cove Pipeline and Corporate Counterinsurgency


In this episode we spoke with someone in Siskiyou Rising Tideabout the long-term struggle that defeated the Jordan Cove Pipeline, a liquefied natural gas (LNG) project in the Pacific Northwest that was declared dead in the water several months ago when the company based in Calgary pembina removed from the project.

The fight against the Jordan Cove pipeline spanned more than 15 years and included Indigenous nations, rural landowners, environmental groups and anarchists. The struggle used a diversity of tactics and was also met with a massive counter-insurgency operation that aimed to turn the local population against the countryside. The operation was funded by Pembina, the Canadian energy company behind the pipeline, which paid local law enforcement to monitor anti-pipeline activists and also organized an AstroTurf campaign to support the project.

The fight against the Jordan Cove pipeline is significant not only because it represents a successful campaign that opposed a massive state-backed energy corporation, but also because it showed that people of different races and geographies could come together and fight a common enemy.

More information: rising tide, Paid by the pipeline: A Canadian energy company bought a unit from the sheriff in Oregon from The interceptionand Jordan Cove pipeline protests: Is the FBI still spying on activists? from Rights and Dissent.

Photo: Siskiyou Rising Tide


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