Stimulus checks check in 2022: State taking inflation meter into account

Verification of the stimulus

With any further federal stimulus checks pending, for now, it is up to states to come up with some form of support to help residents counter inflationary pressure. People are getting their pending stimulus checks back from the federal government, but new checks are being issued by some states.

In total, about 87 million Americans are in line to qualify for the new round of stimulus checks. The amount of the checks is also expected to be less than the third $1,400 stimulus check under the American Rescue Plan Act of 2021 signed into law by President Biden.

The states give the 4and stimulus check to their residents to mitigate the adverse effects of the recession caused by the highest rate of inflation since the 1980s. It has led to soaring prices for services and goods caused in part by soaring international prices oil while Europe is in the throes of war.

Different states send stimulus checks to different groups

Inflation hit 7.9% in February alone and led to a 4-decade high in consumer prices. 5 states have already ratified the issuance of relief checks, including Georgia, Idaho, New Jersey, New Mexico and Indiana.

Other forms of stimulus checks are being considered in Hawaii, California, Maine, Minnesota, New York and Kentucky. Idaho residents will receive tax refunds totaling up to $350 million after Governor Brad Little signs a bill.

Georgia residents could get a relief check worth $250 for single filers and double that for married couples filing jointly. These will be sent to residents who have filed their tax returns for 2021-22.

Indiana residents who filed their 2021 returns will receive a one-time refund of $125. New Jersey residents will receive refunds of up to $500, with approximately one million residents eligible for the amount. And married New Mexico couples who file jointly will receive a $500 relief check.


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