Sony Electronics launches two over-the-counter hearing aids


After announcing plans to launch hearing aids in the US a few months ago, Sony Electronics has unveiled two new over-the-counter hearing aids that will hit the market starting this month. The company will offer two products, with the more affordable of the two starting at $999.99. Sony Electronics has worked with WS Audiology to make over-the-counter hearing aids a reality.

CRE-C10 and CRE-E10 will be the first two options available to those in the US, with the CRE-C10 becoming available this month and the CRE-E10 arriving later this year. Both devices are designed to be comfortable when worn and can be used to help people with mild to moderate hearing loss. The hearing aids will also offer a modern touch, with audio customizations that can be adjusted using a mobile app. In order to achieve the best results, Sony has created a ‘self-fit’ check which can be performed using the supplied app when the hearing aids are first worn.

The CRE-C10 will offer a sleek design, with up to 70 hours of battery life in continuous use, and will be stored neatly inside the ear canal, being “virtually invisible” during use. The CRE-E10 will look a little more like traditional headphones and will offer up to 26 hours of continuous use and can be charged wirelessly. Additionally, the headphones will also have Bluetooth capability, giving CRE-E10 owners the ability to listen to music from their supported iOS devices. Sony says that whichever device consumers choose, they can be sure that they will perform well in everyday use scenarios.

The CRE-C10 will have a retail price of $999.99 and will be available this month on Sony website and also available from third party retailers like Amazon, Best Buy and others. The CRE-E10 will arrive in winter and will be priced at $1,299.99.

Source: sony (PR newswire)


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