Sony builds over-the-counter hearing aids


Sony plans to launch the first over-the-counter hearing aids in partnership with WS Audiology for the US market.

CRE-C10 and CRE-E10 are the first two products resulting from the partnership. Both of these devices, with unique features, aim to provide a better sound experience for people with mild to moderate hearing loss.

“Many people have lifelong issues related to hearing loss, and because of the negative sentiment surrounding it, they often don’t seek the help they might need,” says Tyler Ishida, president of Consumer Business Group, Sony Electronics.

“As a leader in audio innovation, we’re excited about the opportunity to improve the hearing aid landscape with state-of-the-art yet fairly accessible devices that will ensure new over-the-counter solutions for people living with hearing loss and will also help consumers interact with their environment in a deeper and more connected way.”

The CRE-E10 leverages Sony technology to deliver exceptional sound quality, a rechargeable battery for wireless charging, up to 26 hours of continuous use, and Bluetooth connectivity for iOS users.

With an almost invisible and elegant look, the CRE-C10 aid is personalized according to the hearing according to the evaluation of the application. The FDA approved device comes with prescribed quality sound quality. It automatically adapts to its surroundings and provides effective noise reduction. But the best part about it is its battery life which lasts up to 70 hours of continuous use with size 10 Air batteries.

Both devices deliver a connected sound experience. Each device can be used soon after purchase by following an easy setup with the Sony Hearing Control app. Users are guided through a step-by-step process, answering a few brief questions to quickly set up and start using either device in minutes.

The user-friendly app allows each device to communicate with the user’s smartphone. This allows them to quickly customize settings, including volume control, ensures the wearer hears exactly what they hear, in multiple environments.

The application also allows the wearer to “adapt” to each device. During the in-app self-adjustment process, each Sony device automatically adjusts to the most appropriate preset hearing profile.

The self-adjusting over-the-counter CRE-C10 hearing aid has a suggested retail price of US$999.99. The over-the-counter CRE-E10 self-adjusting hearing aid will be available for purchase this winter at a suggested price of US$1,299.99.


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