Sanctions against Russia may have counterproductive consequences in Europe

Photo: European Commission

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and the brutal manner in which it was carried out undermined almost completely all historical and geopolitical claims that had been validly advanced in opposition to NATO’s expansion in the world. ‘East.

Any military or diplomatic gain Russia may derive from its so-called special military operation will not be legitimate. This apart from the charges of war crimes which are reproached to him.

More immediately, European governments are taking the right approach by focusing on sanctions, outside of war, to deter continued military action which Russia, despite suffering setbacks on the ground, continues to develop on a large scale. .

In implementing sanctions, the EU must be careful not to impose punitive measures that would end up hurting it more in the short to medium term than it does Russia, as this could have counterproductive consequences. both in terms of deterrence and European public opinion.

However, it is also clear that the more severe and biting European sanctions are, the more effective their impact will be.

Balancing the different goals that need to be achieved is a delicate process that must achieve the optimal goal of ending the war in Ukraine as soon as possible, hopefully today.


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