Russian fighter jet shot down as Ukrainians launch counteroffensive


Dramatic footage from Wednesday showed Ukrainian forces firing a Russian ground-attack aircraft from the sky, as Kyiv forces advance with a multi-pronged counteroffensive.

The video, which was shared by Ukrainian officer Anatoly Shtefan, captured the Su-25 fighter jet flying low and losing altitude, seemingly crashing off-screen.

A voice can be heard saying in Russian – which is spoken by fighters on both sides of the conflict – that the plane “has gone down”.

Shtefan’s tweet doesn’t say when the plane was shot down but says the fighting took place in Volokhiv Yar, a village in the northeast between Kharkiv and Izyum.

“Glory to ZSU,” Shtefan tweeted – a reference to self-propelled anti-aircraft guns used by Ukrainian forces.

Ukrainian forces also shot down another warplane, a Su-25 ground attack aircraft, in the Kherson area while it was involved in defensive operations, Ukrinform reported on Wednesday.

A Ukrainian soldier inspects a piece of a Russian Su-25 aircraft.

A photo of an area near Andriivka, Ukraine, in the Kherson region.

Ordnance explodes near Andriivka, Kherson region, amid the ongoing war between Ukraine and Russia.

“The Su-25 was ‘grounded’ ahead of schedule by our anti-aircraft missile units,” a Ukrainian military spokesman said.

The military command of southern Ukraine reported intense fighting in the Kherson region on Wednesday.

“The situation in the operational zone of southern Ukraine is tense and dynamic,” he said. “The enemy continues to wage defensive battles and insidious shelling of populated areas both along the line of contact and in our rear areas.”

A photo of a soldier raising the Ukrainian flag above the village of Vysokopillya in the Kherson region.
A soldier raising the Ukrainian flag above the village of Vysokopillya in the Kherson region.
Facebook/Kyrylo Tymoshenko

Ukrainian authorities have been relatively tight-lipped on the apparent northern flank of their counteroffensive, but Russian separatist forces reported encountering Ukrainian forces in Balakliya, a town about 16 kilometers from Volokhiv Yar.

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