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RIYADH: The Culture Ministry inaugurated the Jax arts festival in Diriyah on Thursday, the Saudi Press Agency reported.

The festival, supported by the Kingdom’s Vision 2030 quality of life program, was held at the biennial Diriyah Foundation in Jax district until July 23.

The Jax Art Festival is made up of several exhibitions that immerse visitors in an interconnected and one-of-a-kind artistic experience.

Visitors will begin with the “Starting Journey” exhibit and travel through six exhibits focusing on the five senses: touch, smell, taste, hearing and sight.

The second exhibition, “World of Creativity”, incorporates interactive art. A group of international artists present works inspired by local culture and Saudi history.

The third exhibition, “Studio XR”, presents a video art exhibition with sound and visual effects dedicated to Extended Reality-XR technology.

Of note is the exhibit’s “Explore Journey” station, which takes visitors on a realistic tour of the various regions of the Kingdom.

The fourth exhibition, “A Journey into the Renaissance”, is a three-dimensional exhibition (8 rooms) that takes visitors on a historical artistic journey through the Italian Renaissance.

The fifth exhibition, “Degustation”, features a collaboration of local and international restaurants, as well as musical performances.

The sixth exhibition, “La Traversée”, concludes the visitors’ artistic journey by addressing themes such as ego, glorification, the internet, and how to adapt to the main course of life.

The festival seeks to quench the thirst for mental questions, as well as quench curiosity and confusion, in a journey that follows human curiosity to its depths and discovers its treasures.

The Department of Culture also hopes to promote the Jax District as an arts destination that encourages cultural exchange and enhances the community’s experience with the creative arts.


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