PTI prepares strategy to counter opposition no-confidence motion

A view of the National Assembly. -APP
  • PTI MPs and allies will miss the no confidence session in NA, says Babar Awan.
  • “I don’t have a vote, so I too will go,” the Prime Minister’s aide said.
  • Fawad Chauhdry asks the NA President to call a session earlier.

ISLAMABAD: Amid increased political activity by the opposition seeking to support its motion of no confidence, the ruling PTI party announced its strategy to counter the decision by skipping the session of the National Assembly .

The Prime Minister’s adviser for parliamentary affairs, Dr Babar Awan, said in an interview with Dawn News TV on Wednesday that MPs from the ruling coalition would not be present in the National Assembly on the day the opposition resolution for the no-confidence motion against Prime Minister Imran Khan would be put to the vote.

Only NA President Asad Qaiser, according to Babar Awan, will be present for the session, adding: “I don’t have a vote, so I too will go.”

According to the Prime Minister’s adviser, the voting session on the motion of censure will most likely be held elsewhere than at the usual place because “the floor of the Chamber where the sessions are taking place is being renovated”.

“Maulana (Fazlur Rehman) called on Biden for help, and in this situation it is now clear where the agenda is being managed and supported from. [is coming]“, he said, implying that a foreign hand was behind the opposition’s no-confidence decision.

At the same time, Awan said the prime minister was right to criticize European Union countries for pushing Pakistan to vote against Russia in a recent special session of the United Nations General Assembly.

“There has never been an example of diplomats engaging in an act like this in the history of the world,” he said.

According to Awan, a JUI-F senator even tabled a motion asking the House to investigate why Prime Minister Imran disrespected foreign missions. “So the agenda is set,” he said.

In response to the opposition’s assertion that it had enough votes in the NA for the no-confidence resolution to pass, he cited previous examples in which the government had beaten the opposition in parliamentary votes, arguing that the government had an advantage in “numbers”. Game.”

Meanwhile, Federal Information and Broadcasting Minister Chaudhry Fawad Hussain asked the President to convene the NA session earlier for the vote of no confidence, as the country needed political stability and could not afford a prolonged crisis.

Speaking here at a joint press conference with Energy Minister Hammad Azhar, Fawad issued a challenge to the common opposition to show in front of the media even 172 MPs so that everyone can know who these were. people.

He insisted that it was up to them to prove how many members supported them.

Regarding government allies, he said the Prime Minister’s meeting with allies in Karachi was good, and the one held with the PML-Q leadership a few days ago was also very good, and that the allies were with the government and that things were under control.

He said that the Prime Minister had the support of 179 MPs and that with the arrival of five more, there would be 184 MPs.

However, he did not give further details.

The Minister again urged the NA President to convene the assembly session as soon as possible so that the government can take more measures to deal with the financial crisis.


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