Pneumatic Scale Angelus CB100C Back Pressure Filler Overview


In case you missed it, Pneumatic Scale Angelus (PSA) showcased the CB100C back pressure rotary filler at the Craft Brewers conference this year. The unit stands out for how easily it handles a variety of can sizes and beverage types.

“We have a lot of innovations in this machine that were designed based on feedback from brewers over the years,” explains Kyle Kelleher of Pneumatic Scale Angelus, in this brief overview. Quickly, he notes the small footprint and machine-mounted utilities for oxygen, CO2, and CIP.

“Here we have a remote pump that will be placed in the light tank,” he says. “It’s fully integrated into the machine controlled from the HMI. …And then we have an electro-pneumatic filling valve. So the fill valve will actually extend down to create the seal on the cans. These fill valves will handle any size from 200 to 206 without any changes, so you only need to change the body handling.

Back pressure technology allows craft beverage producers to fill highly carbonated beverages, exceeding 2.7 volumes of CO2. In isobaric filling, the can being filled and the product entering the can are at equal pressure, maintaining carbonation solubility throughout the filling process.

“We can handle co2 volumes for up to four and a half years. It is designed to run different types of products for a wider range of products outside of simple beer, so RTD Seltzers cocktails, different types of drinks can all be processed on this machine.

An automatic turret height adjustment and automatic CIP are also nice. Be sure to watch the full 2 ​​minute video for a complete overview.


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