Pinarayi calls for state-level rapprochements with regional parties to counter BJP in Center – Reuters


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THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan has called for an alliance of regional parties that oppose the BJP and other democratic forces to confront the Saffron Party in the Centre. Stating that there is currently no relevance for a national political alternative, he said that forging alliances according to the prevailing political scenario in each state would be more practical.

Although Pinarayi said the Congress cannot be an alternative to the BJP as it has faced loss of credibility, it is evident that the new political line supports regional level alliances with the party wherever possible. The apparent change in political position is in line with the recent decision of the central committee of the CPM which proposed regional rapprochements according to the scenario of each State.

Inaugurating the CPM Thiruvananthapuram district conference in Parassala on Friday, Pinarayi elaborated the political and tactical line proposed by the party which will be discussed at the Party Congress. He said the left has a crucial role to play in these alliances. Referring to the upcoming UP elections, Pinarayi said once there are strong alternatives against the BJP in every state, it would be practical to think of a national alliance.

Referring to Rahul Gandhi’s statement on a Hindu Rashtra, he said Congress had followed community appeasement. The Congress has become BJP’s B team as many Congress leaders turn to the saffron party. Congress and the BJP follow similar economic policies. The BJP-led Center has attempted to communitarize the constitutional bodies. Attempts are underway to destroy the federal system in the country.

Pinarayi strongly criticized the UDF and the BJP for opposing the SilverLine project. Alleging that the opposition tried to sabotage SilverLine, he said the attempt was to prevent all development activity in the state. The BJP and Jamaat-e-Islami campaigned against the government, he said.

Murder policy
Pinarayi also lambasted Congress for the recent murder of SFI activist Dheeraj. Congress leaders, by justifying Dheeraj’s murder, are trying to assassinate him again, he alleged. So far, 134 CPM cadres have been killed by members of Congress while 215 have been killed by Sangh Parivar, he said.


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