New Bose and Lexie hearing aids to hit over-the-counter market


We will enter another world of hearing aids after a new rule from the United States Food and Drug Administration takes effect on October 17, which allow many hearing aids to be sold without a prescription and without a prescription.

To get a head start on the new market, Lexie Hearing, in partnership with Bose, launches a new hearing aid called Lexie B2 Hearing Aid. The B2 adds a fully rechargeable battery with a runtime of up to 18 hours, which is an upgrade from the B1. (The B1 is a renamed version of Bose SoundControl hearing aidswhich were available online direct-to-consumer under that name until recently when Bose partnered with Lexie Hearing.) The B2 and B1 allow users to self-tune their own hearing aids, and they partner to the Lexie app, which offers additional support.

A pair of B2 hearing aids will cost $999, or $49 per month for two years if you prefer to split the payments. (That’s more expensive than the B1, which Lexie says will drop to $849.) The B2 is part of the largest rollout of over-the-counter hearing aids and will be available at Walgreens, Best Buy and a total of 11,000 stores. and pharmacies nationwide and online beginning October 17.

The B2 is an in-canal receiver hearing aid, and it comes with a removable part or speaker selected to accommodate the majority of people who use it (around 80%). To test the actual fit of the hearing aid, you’ll use the ear measurement tool in the paired app and your phone will tell you if you have the correct fit. If you need a different detachable part, Lexie says she’ll send you the correct one automatically.

Like all other over-the-counter devices, the Lexie B2 hearing aid is intended for people with perceived mild or moderate hearing loss. Bose and Lexie Hearing’s partnership mirrors other partnerships between consumer electronics companies and hearing aid companies, such as Sony’s announcement that it will enter the over-the-counter hearing aid market with WS Audiology.

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