Moving to counter the “shock” rent hike


A PROPOSAL to stop Andium Homes tenants facing a ‘shock’ rent increase of ‘up to £400 a month’ has been tabled by a politician.

Deputy Rob Ward says some residents are being hit by the steep rise after moving into renovated homes – including those who have chosen to downsize.

The Jersey reformist politician has now tabled a proposal asking the Treasury Secretary, as the representative of Andium shareholders, to order the company to suspend any rent increases for a year from the start of the new lease.

It also calls for rent increases to be phased in over a period of five to ten years, depending on the tenant’s ability to pay.

Dropping his proposal, Deputy Ward said: ‘We have an acknowledged cost of living crisis which is affecting the lowest income earners the most, with tenancy stress being the main factor for many.

“Some Andium Homes tenants are facing significant rent increases following moves due to housing renovations. Additionally, some who have chosen to downsize may face similar or even increased rent. It should be noted that some of these rent increases could reach £400 per month.

“This proposal will remove the sudden shock of significant rent increases at a time when there is recognition of a growing cost of living crisis.”

The Deputy Minister said the Housing Minister had indicated that 27 tenants would benefit from his proposal.

The proposal will be debated no earlier than October 4.


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