Maryam will lead the PML-N caravan to counter the PTI power show



Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) Deputy Chairwoman Maryam Nawaz, absent from the political scene since censorship maneuvers intensified, will lead the party’s caravan to Islamabad, the party announced on Friday.

Party workers have also been instructed to prepare for a possible sit-in in the federal capital to counter the power show of the ruling PTI.

According to a circular issued today, the party announced that Maryam Nawaz alongside Hamza Shehbaz would lead a PML-N procession from Lahore on March 24 to reach Islamabad on March 27 for the PDM rally.

According to the schedule, the PML-N caravan would depart from Lahore on the said date and reach Gujranwala, which is only a 90-minute drive otherwise, where it will spend the night.

The convoy would leave for Jhelum the next day, camping there for the night. Later, on March 26, the caravan will march to Rawalpindi, which is a short distance away. Finally, on March 27, the PML-N rally would reach the place of Islamabad.

The circular stated that the stay in Islamabad could last two days or more, indicating a possible sit-in scenario to counter the show of power of the PTI.

All party workers and office members from Lahore, Sahiwal and Faisalabad were ordered to join from Lahore, while many members belonging to other constituencies and neighboring areas of Gujranwala and Jehlum, were given the order to welcome the party caravan in the said cities, and join for the next day.

South Punjab workers and officials were instructed to welcome the party caravan to Rawalpindi and then join the rally.

All leaders of the divisional, district, enterprise and union councils of the party have been instructed to join the PML-N caravan “in the struggle for the supremacy of democracy and against anti-people economic policies , perpetual price hikes and ever-increasing corruption in the country and ensure the success of the PDM rally”.

Party officials have been instructed to hold meetings to ensure their preparation for the march.

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A PML-N leader confirmed on Tuesday The Express Grandstand that Maryam Nawaz was brought back into the arena for the final fight against the government. It was said that the party, after seeing that some powerful circles had gone completely silent, took the decision to bring Maryam back.

It is relevant to mention here that Maryam had largely stayed away from the recent round of talks between opposition parties regarding the no confidence motion. The PML-N talks were led only by party chairman Shehbaz Sharif.

Interestingly, Maryam was part of previous anti-government movements and led her party, sometimes single-handedly despite her position as vice-president.

The leader said Maryam’s presence had already raised red flags in some powerful quarters, which is why all the efforts the party made under her leadership by no means materialized.

The decision was made after extensive deliberations, the leader added. He said Maryam was the face of the party and remained the strongest in attracting crowds. It was essential, to maximize the chances of success of any street movement of their party, he added.


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