Legends of Runeterra spells get counter via Darkin Joraal


Riot Games dropped out on the last day of Legends of Runeterra support cards for the next dark domination expansion today, featuring a combat spell unique to Noxus, the Riven Reforge synergy, and hate spells to Demacia.

Scheduled to drop on October 12, the Domination The expansion will feature three champions, with the spoiler for the third champion likely dropping tomorrow with the patch notes. Stand out from the support archetype LoR spoilers today was the third Dakin Equipment, The Darkin Aegis. Working as a modal spell, The Darkin Aegis has Tough and gives players the ability to spend five mana to cast Joraal, a Demacia Darkin unit with Tough and Challenger and base stats of 4/3.

Joraal stands out as a five-drop in Demacia because the follower increases your opponent’s spell cost by two when attacking. In the Demacia region, having the flexibility of The Darkin Aegis or Joraal is solid as they both provide value at all stages of a game.

The Noxus region received some nice archetype buffs with the Domination spoilers too. Riven has a new double drop with Rune Squire. Featuring 2/1 base stats, Rune Squire has Challenger and triggers Reforge when summoned.

Wanting to have spells like Demacia, Noxus gained a unique combat doppelganger thanks to Brutal Skirmish. This is a three-cost fast speed spell that destroys an enemy’s gear, then causes the ally and enemy to hit each other. Removing grind gear and unique combat together is the perfect design flavor for the Noxus region.

The Burst Speed ​​Spell’s Legionary Charge spell also drops in Noxus. Costing two mana to cast, the spell attracts an ally with five or more powers. It also has a mod option to develop a five-powered ally instead for this turn, providing flexibility often not found in the Noxus region.

Completing today’s spoilers is a League and TFT the item players will recognize as the Golden Spatula. Equipment has been inserted into the Demacia region, increasing a unit’s stats by +3/+2. It’s a cute gear that can be crafted from Icathian Myths, a two-cost Demacia Burst speed spell.

Players can test all LoR spoilers revealed today with the release of the Domination expanding on October 12.

All images via Riot Games.


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