Houston Texans need Za’Darius Smith to counter Colts and Matt Ryan


EDIT: This article was published seconds before Smith announced he was signing with the Vikings.

Losing the Baltimore Ravens could be the treasure for the Houston Texans.

Za’Darius Smith has been one of the NFL’s best passing throwers in recent seasons. So when he was fired by the Green Bay Packers due to Aaron Rodgers’ huge contract (which could destabilize the Packers as Joe Flacco’s contract did the Ravens ten years ago), a big market was immediately created.

Surprisingly, Smith returned to his original team in the Ravens, only to initially agree on a contract, only to have the talks fall apart. As a result, Smith is a free agent again, and the Houston Texans and Lovie Smith should call Smith’s agent right now.

This Smith-Smith combo would be a win-win. Lovie Smith would have an experienced veteran who knows how to get to quarterback, and Za’Darius Smith would become the best defensive rusher and learn from one of the best minds in the game.

Houston Texans need help rushing Matt Ryan to AFC South

When the The Colts have reached a deal for Matt Ryan, it was an incredible value. Ryan has done so much with so little (despite his win/loss record) that he’s moved on to a team that has a terrific offensive line, the best running back in the league and a solid defense?

The Colts are instant Super Bowl contenders, with Ryan also easily the top passer in the division. However, Houston has to go home Ryan in their matchups, as in their last two meetings the Texans have been outscored by the Colts 62-3.

Who knows if Ryan will sign other players in Indianapolis, with Odell Beckham Jr. taking note of the move on Twitter. Either way, Smith would be the perfect counterattack to help the Texans out of the basement.


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