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A trainee police officer with the Guam Police Department found himself unexpectedly arrested after reporting to the dispatch that a shirtless man was stopping cars along Highway 4 at the Ylig Bridge in Yona over the weekend. end.

It happened around 2 p.m. Saturday.

The police trainee was identified in arrest records as Jacob Christopher Perez.

The shirtless man was identified in arrest records as Anthony Ogo Lizama Jr. – who was released days earlier on a separate case. He has previously been charged with criminal mischief to a motor vehicle, assault and resisting arrest.

Perez reportedly told officers he called the police after seeing Lizama blocking cars in the southbound lane, adding that he told Lizama to pull off the road.

He said as he pulled over, Lizama threw a can of beer at his car, records show.

Perez left the area but then alleged that Lizama followed him and continued to harass him. A witness then had to calm Lizama down and remove her from the area, according to police reports.

Lizama was taken to Southern Precinct Command where he was arrested. The reports, however, do not indicate whether any charges have been brought against him.

But, while she was at the police station, Lizama decided to file a harassment complaint against the apprentice police officer.

Authorities questioned Perez who confirmed that he “nicely” asked Lizama to get off the road, according to reports.

Lizama alleged that Perez was being rude and told him to “get the f*** out of the way.”

Perez told police he was on the phone with the dispatch reporting the incident while he was stopped on the grass, when Lizama allegedly threw a can at his vehicle.

Perez said he walked towards Chalan Seminariu when Lizama followed him, adding that he grabbed his baton from his duty belt before arguing with Lizama, according to police records.

A witness reportedly told officers that Perez identified himself as an off-duty police officer.

Perez allegedly told the officer he believed he identified himself as a trainee police officer, but later admitted he was stressed and may have “accidentally” said he was a police officer.

Perez declined to speak further before being arrested on suspicion of impersonating a public officer, parking on the road portion of a causeway and harassment.

Lizama and Perez were released.

The Guam Daily Post confirmed that official badges issued to police trainees state “it recognizes that the bearer of this ID is a sworn officer of the Guam Police Department.”

Police Chief Stephen Ignacio was unable to respond to a request for comment.


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