Doval urges religious leaders to counter radical forces creating animosity


National Security Advisor Ajit Doval on Saturday urged leaders of various faiths to counter radical forces trying to create animosity in the name of religion and ideology that negatively affect the country and have ramifications international.

He made the remarks at an interfaith conference – organized by the All India Sufi Sajjadanashin Council (AISSC) – which passed a resolution advocating the banning of organizations such as the Indian People’s Front (PFI) for pursuing a ” divisive agenda” and engaging in “anti-national activities”.

The resolution also said that targeting a god, goddess or prophet in discussions or debates by anyone should be condemned and dealt with according to law.

Addressing the rally, Doval said it was necessary to reach out to everyone to include them in this fight against radical forces and tell them that there is no place for hatred and violence. agitation against any religion in India.

Doval said efforts are needed to resolve misunderstandings and make every religious body feel part of India.

“Some people try to create animosity in the name of religion which negatively affects the whole country and also has ramifications internationally.

“We cannot be a silent spectator to this. To counter religious animosity, we must work together and make every religious body feel an integral part of India. In this we sail and flow together,” Doval said at the conference held against the backdrop of a number of incidents of religious discord in the country.

He urged religious leaders to play a major role in improving the nation’s atmosphere.

“It is necessary to create an emotion that we will not let the unity of the country be compromised. We must develop a faith in the hearts of every countryman that every Indian is safe here. We must organize ourselves, raise our voices and rectify mistakes,” Doval said.

He said the country’s loss is everyone’s loss, so all will have to work in unison to protect it.

“Every religion in the country has contributed to the growth of the nation. It is our responsibility to correct this atmosphere. We have to think about what kind of India we will give to our future generations. you have greater responsibilities to shoulder,” Doval said.

The aim of the conference was to have a rigorous discussion between representatives of different faiths, including Hinduism, Islam, Christianity, Sikhism, Buddhism and Jain, on “the rise of religious intolerance “, said the organizers.

The resolution adopted by the interfaith conference proposed to create a new body, inclusive of all faiths, to spread the message of peace and harmony and fight against radical forces.

He also advocated the banning of organizations such as PFI.

“Organizations like PFI and any other similar front, which engage in anti-national activities, pursue a divisive agenda and create discord among our citizens, must be banned and action must be taken against them in accordance with the law of the country”, the resolution read.

The PFI, a radical Islamic organization, has been on the radar of security agencies for its alleged role in several rioting incidents in the country.

“At the same time, we strongly recommend that any person or organization found guilty of spreading hatred among communities by any means be prosecuted in accordance with the provisions of the law,” the resolution reads.

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