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When the mainstream media delivers a unique position 24/7, focusing on an enemy, when it demonizes the leader of this country, when opposing voices are buried in an avalanche of distortions and outright lies, where can politicians find the antidote to the Big Lie?

Anti-war rally in New York, March 5.

They can turn to Workers World, the newspaper and e-zine with six decades of experience resisting a ruling class propaganda machine that is as well-oiled and well-funded as its military machine. The US-NATO offensive in Eastern Europe and the ensuing war in Ukraine presented us with another such challenge.

With our own articles and analysis – and making the positions taken by working class leaders and Marxist analysts in communist parties and liberated governments around the world easy to find on the website – WW published in a web section a wealth of in-depth coverage not available on a few other websites.

These articles provide historical background and present a class context of the US and NATO intervention in Ukraine and the conflict with Russia. Find this coverage in the right column of the WW Journal homepage on

Our resistance is the class truth that destroys the Big Lie, and the strength of that truth depends on the support it can get from our readers.

Your help is needed!

If you like our coverage, it’s time to join the Workers World Supporter program or renew your membership. The program was created 45 years ago so readers could help WW publish working class anti-racism truth and build the campaigns needed to fight for revolutionary change leading to socialism.

Since the early 1990s, the fund has helped sponsor the website. Throughout the pandemic, when fewer print issues were published due to staff health concerns, new articles were published daily and the PDF of the weekly was posted on Not a single online issue has been ignored throughout this two-year health crisis.

For a donation of $60 per year, or $120 or $300, you receive a subscription to the WW newspaper and one, two or three free subscriptions for your friends, depending on the donation and the updates. A free download of “Which Road to Socialism?” book, published in 2020, is available at Or let us know if you want a paperback.

Write checks (monthly or yearly) to Workers World and send them, with your name and address, to Workers World, 147 W. 24th St., 2nd Floor, New York, NY 10011. Put “Supporter Program” in the memo line. Or donate online at

We appreciate your help in building Workers World!


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