Counter-Strike: Global Offensive hits a million players on my 10th anniversary, again


Counter-Strike: Global Offensive opens its second consecutive month with approximately one million concurrent players. The Thousands of Terrorists and Counter-Terrorists flew over Valves servers for their 10th anniversary, but a million later went live the first week of September and got stuck with the crowd, and he got caught up in the black.

As per the general, the counter straight: Global Offensive, mentioned in the official subreddit, had 1,029,351 million concurrent players on Saturday. That’s only 10,000 less than the maximum number of concurrent players in August, according to


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It is not acceptable that we are too surprised. Even though Valve’s celebration of CS:GO’s tenth anniversary was overlooked by many, the game didn’t need a big birthday bash to draw huge crowds. CS:GO has consistently beaten one million concurrent players since March 2020 and recorded its highest concurrent player record in April this year. During the COVID-19 pandemic between November 2020 and May 2021, CS:GO reported over one million concurrent players each in one month. This dropped in June 2021, but returned to around 1 million in April 2022 and then again in August.

This August spike could have something to do with the tenth anniversary of CS:GO, which offered players a 10-year anniversary coin for their first outing of the week (ending August 22) and, also, a new 10-year-old coin. – Anniversary sticker capsule with over 60 community designs submitted in a contest a few months ago. Many of these designs were inspired by the new “lenticular” quality, which is a clever word for animated movies.

Using a new map rotation, Tuscan changed all game modes, Anubis and Breach also became competitive matchmakers, and Wingman anarchists and archers as well.

Even though CS:GO may not exceed one million concurrent players, Valve reports that it still averaged more than 20 million unique players per month over the past year and saw record viewership numbers. during the recent Majors tournament with 2.7 million concurrent players. the viewers.

Even if it’s not possible for the new engine, a good version of the new version would be better if Valve were to upgrade the source engine 2. Instead, a group of modders are creating their own CS upgrade: GO using the s&box, the spiritual successor to Garry’s Mod.


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