Best “Counter-Strike: Global Offensive” Gun List


Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) is well known for offering a wide range of “toys” that the player can use to defeat their opponents in the game. Whether you are a fan of heavy weapons, snipers , machine guns, assault rifles, shotguns or pistols, they are all present in CS:GO and ready to join the player in his quest.

Today, we’re proud to present a list of in-game weapons that was published by! We’d love to have a discussion started in the comments section on the tier list and if you provide your own suggestions! CS:GO’s fan base is surely huge, as the game is a massive upgrade from the old Counter-Strike 1.6.

Here is the list of levels:


We expected to see the AK-47 in the best level, because many players have a romantic relationship with him. The S-Tier’s AWB sniper is also a nice addition, given its undeniably high efficiency. Usually, a single bullet fired from this weapon is enough to defeat an opponent in the game.

Seeing the M249 machine gun in the C-Tier is indeed surprising, as we expected it to be placed higher up in the ranks. It may be heavy as hell, but it is capable of firing a large number of bullets after a single reload. Reloading a weapon takes up valuable time in CS:GO, which can be exploited by the enemy to take you down.

Having a magazine capacity of 64 rounds, we certainly did not expect to see the PP-Bizon submachine gun present in the last row. This beauty works well and smoothly, and it can be great for a beginner when playing Counter-Strike.

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