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Samaan Lateef

Srinagar April 16

To counter the Pakistani information war in Kashmir, the military posted a video on its social media to highlight its pro-people activities, attracting people using music as inter-service public relations (the wing of Pakistan Army PR) use in its propaganda videos.

Army officials said Pakistan was spreading false information and promoting anti-India propaganda in Kashmir through music and songs.

“The military has used the ISPR tone to counter Pakistan, which is spreading anti-Indian hatred in Kashmir by setting a different narrative and showcasing our pro-people activities in Kashmir. You can see footage of many medical camps and civilian rescue operations carried out by the Indian Army in Kashmir,” a senior defense official said.

Another official said: “Anti-India sentiment runs deep in Kashmir and is amplified by Pakistan through its information warfare wing. So we try to counter it effectively.

On Friday, the military shared the 1.19-minute video titled “Kashmir Fights Back” on its social media along with footage of a funeral procession and photos of journalist Shujaat Bukhari, social activist Arjumand Majeed and politician Wasim Bari who were killed by militants in the past. a few years.

“Decades of terrorism have left us with thousands of orphans, widows, wailing mothers and helpless fathers,” reads the text while the song “Kashmir ke liye Jhelum roya (Jhelum cried for Kashmir )” plays in the background.

The video shows visuals of army personnel assisting the civilian population during the 2014 floods and providing emergency medical aid. It was published in the context of the recent wave of targeted killings in Kashmir. Militants killed a Sarpanch in the Pattan region of northern Kashmir on Friday.

Symphony Band performs at Poonch

Jammu: The army symphony orchestra performed for the first time in front of the civilian population near the LoC in the Poonch district of Jammu and Kashmir, a defense spokesman said on Saturday. The mega musical evening was organized as part of “Azadi Ka Amrit Mahatsov” in the village of Jhullas where the group performed patriotic music and nostalgic tunes. PTI

ISPR’s tune used to change the narrative

  • Army officials say Pakistan is spreading disinformation and propaganda in Kashmir through music and songs
  • A senior defense official said the military used the ISPR tune to counter Pakistan by setting a different narrative and highlighting its pro-people activities in Kashmir.

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