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Union Home Minister Amit Shah will conduct a security review of Jammu and Kashmir with the heads of paramilitary forces, UT police and security agencies in Jammu, in emphasizing the fight against terrorists on both sides of the Pir Panjal.

While security forces in Jammu and Kashmir have synergized counter-terrorism operations and been able to proactively neutralize terrorists belonging to Pakistan-based groups and their proxies in the valley, intelligence reports indicate the smuggling of ready-to-use improvised explosive devices through the LoC. IEDs and weapons are sent using drones across the border with mountainous terrain giving them camouflage and radar protection. It is understood that many RDX-based IEDs have been sent across the border to wreak havoc with UT and in the Indian hinterlands.

According to officials based in Jammu and Srinagar, Shah will be informed about terrorist activities in Pakistani-occupied Kashmir and the number of infiltrators on the launch pads planning to cross the heavily guarded line with the melting snow on the high mountain passes. .

Even though the Jammu and Kashmir police, with the support of paramilitary forces and the Indian army, have managed to neutralize a large number of terrorists over the past three months, the cadres of Jaish-e-Mohammed, based in Bahawalpur, are active in Lashkar-e-Taiba, based in South Kashmir and in Muridke, operates through its proxy, the resistance front, in the valley.

As the US-led coalition in Afghanistan leaves behind a mountain of sophisticated weaponry including assault rifles, night vision devices, sniper rifles and C-4 explosives after the Taliban occupation Kabul on August 15, 2021, security agencies fear that US-made weapons will end up in the hands of Pakistani Punjabi terrorist groups for use in the valley. Already the JeM, which has ideological and family ties to the top Taliban leadership, uses the US-made M-4 carbine and it is very difficult to intercept sophisticated communication devices apart from clothing and knapsacks while time.

While the Home Secretary will review LoC security measures so that Pak infiltrators do not cross borders using tunnels, the security agency involved in Homeland Security will give the state of radicalization in the UT. The main requirement of paramilitary forces such as the BSF is anti-drone equipment capable of neutralizing drones carrying weapons and explosives on the other side of the border, because it is only a matter of time when terrorists will start using unmanned vehicles to eliminate troop convoys. or high value targets at airbases near the western border and Line of Control.


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